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Home > Temperature Monitoring Blog > Types of Sensors You Should Consider for Your Cold-Transport Needs

Transporting things that needed to be kept cold, or even frozen, used to be nearly impossible. Now, with the invention of cold-storage and cold-transport trucks and other methods, we are able to ship everything from frozen peas to life-saving vaccines across the country! If you are a customer or distributor of items that need to be transported by cold-transport, we here at Global Sensors can ensure that your products will travel and arrive at the appropriate temperatures by giving you the tools to monitor them remotely. If you are looking for sensors like ours at Global Sensors, we have a few different types that can assist you in your transportation or storage needs:

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  • Temperature Calibration- These sensors are able to sense the temperatures in different areas and then calibrate and adjust as necessary. This can be done in many different ways, including via smart sensors that are programmed to do so.
  • Humidity Sensor- Too much or too little humidity can ruin certain products, even if the temperatures are kept at the ideal setting. With the right humidity sensors, you are able to make sure that the humidity, as well as temperature, is ideal for your products.
  • Temperature Sensor- When you are looking for the ideal solution to temperature fluctuations, you need to check out our variety of temperature sensors! Temperature sensors can make sure that your products are always at the ideal temperature, no matter where they are on their shipping route.