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Pharmaceutical Applications

A Leader in Compliance Aspects

Did you know that LogTag® and DataWatch® Elite were the first temperature loggers to achieve a full compliance with the FDA guidelines for digital signatures and security under CFR 21 Part 11?

So, if you are contemplating using temperature logging tools for your fixed facility or transit monitoring application for pharmaceutical products, our loggers represent a good and economic choice.  We are represented on PCCIG committees and are knowledgeable experts in the field.

Global Sensors can show you how…

  • Contact us with your specific temperature tracking needs
  • With purchase, we can help you with documentation or assist in writing a custom user requirement specification
  • We can show you how to set up a sophisticated facility “mapping” program that is cost effective compared to expensive solutions

Our temperature monitoring products can be used for a wide range of applications:

Insulated Shipping Containers

LogTag is the ultimate solution for package monitoring

Refrigeration Unit Monitoring

TRID30-7 is a breakthrough in temperature monitoring for cold rooms, warehouses and other facilities. Alarms and averages can be viewed directly on the logger for the prior 30 days. Users can “mark” times and events in the digital record. Downloads full data to compliant software.

Totes and Pallets

LogTag fits in standard tote slots for temperature loggers.

LogTag TIC20

The LogTag TIC20 offers a cost effectivesolution for monitoring the pharmaceutical cold chain. It is factory pre-set for one of a range of profiles. Designed for standard vaccines – WHO PQS Pre-qualified versions are also available.

Insulated Shipping Containers

TRID30-7 is a unique fixed facility monitoring system. It can be used to create an audit trail confirming that personnel check temperatures on a periodic basis without extensive software complexity.


We recommend our LogTag general purpose logger for tote applications. It has convenient alarms and features that will match your systems.

LogTag data can be automatically saved at your own designated FTP site in one click.